The State Land Cadastre of Ukraine moves to the blockchain

In connection with the attempt of the Government of Ukraine to strengthen the data protection system of the State Land Cadastre from external interference, it was decided to move the land state register to the blockchain technology.

On June 14, the first deputy Minister for Agricultural Policy and Supplies Maxim MartyniukLand Cadastre said this on his Facebook page.

“The software product will be developed on the basis of Blockchain technology, which is the most advanced of the existing in the field of data protection. The maximum task is to reduce the level of the human factor in the functioning of the system to zero, “Martyniuk noted.

According to him, the international anti-corruption organization is going to be involved in the project at the development stage as an expert consultant, and later as an independent auditor who will exercise external control over the correct functioning.

In addition, work is under way on the creation of a specialized platform for electronic land auctions. It should correspond to two principles: 1) be user-friendly, ensuring the involvement of the maximum number of participants; 2) completely eliminate the abuse and interference in the bidding process.

He also stressed that these measures are necessary for the introduction of the land market.

And today, on June 16, in Kyiv, was signed a memorandum  of commitment to move the country’s land registry to blockchain.

This document was signed by: Maksim Martyniuk (Ministry for Agricultural Policy and Supplies), Valery Vavilov (CEO of Bitfury), Yaroslav Yurchishin (Transparency International Ukraine), Alexander Ryzhenko (State Agency for Electronic Governance of Ukraine) and Denis Chernyshov (Ministry of Justice of Ukraine).

“We have signed the memorandum of commitment to move Ukraine’s land registry to blockchain. The technology ensures maximum protection of the system against third-party interference. The registry contains data on land plots, legally significant information, so all these data is really sensitive and important for landowners. That’s why we pay much attention to protecting this information. Fortunately, blockchain technology is there, ” said Maxim Martyniuk.

According to him, to date, blockchain technology is the most progressive mechanism for protecting data. It is expected that the process of commitment to move the land cadastre to the blockchain will be completed by the end of 2017.

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