Saturday , 24 February 2018

Results of Kuna Exchange SCO

According to the results of SCO (Secondary Coin Offering), the Ukrainian crypto exchange Kuna Exchange has not raised the planned minimum of 300 Bitcoins. All funds are returned to users’ accounts on demand. In accordance with the previously published “Agreement of Intent”, Mykhailo Chobanyan now has the right to sell 100 thousand KUN token at his discretion at any price. Already there are agreements with several investors.

“The market test showed that the focus on investors investing in all possible ICOs, in the case of a real project does not work. The audience we addressed to has no interest in projects that do not promise a token growth immediately after the ICO. This greatly clarified the audience for us and what to approach to it. The value is that such understanding will allow us to adjust the strategy for the upcoming ICO in the real sector of the economy on our platform and, possibly, reorient to strategic investors, “the Exchange said in a statement.

Also, the exchange tested the technical platform IaaP for ICO. Good feedback was received and in the near future users will be able to see a couple of new projects on WAVES tokens.

In addition, among the achievements, the launch of cryptomats. In Kyiv, the first 3 crypto terminals have already been launched, and the exchange soon plans to tell where they are, when to wait for the next ones, and will publish a map of their location. In open sales terminals will arrive, as promised, until the end of the month.

Recall, SCO of the KUNA exchange started on July 28. With the raised funds the company planned to enter the markets of the Russia and Turkey, as well as to deploy a network of cryptomats in Ukraine.

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