Bitcoin Cash markets recover

The cryptocurrency markets continued to advance on Thursday, but today’s returns were far more muted than the euphoric leap that greeted investors on Wednesday. The rally was largely concentrated among large-cap coins, and the Bitcoin Cash price posted far-and-away the top gains of any top-tier cryptocurrency. Altogether, the cryptocurrency market cap added approximately $11 billion, enabling it to once again climb past the $400 billion barrier.

This week bitcoin cash markets took a hit as BCH had lost roughly $588 USD (-39%) in value over the past seven days. At the moment the price has rebounded and is coasting along at just between the $950-1,050 zone after bouncing back much of Wednesday’s trading sessions. BCH trade volume has been averaging roughly $650 million to $1 billion over the past week. Exchanges swapping the most bitcoin cash today include Okex, Bitfinex, Hitbtc, GDAX, and Huobi. Currently, the top currencies traded with bitcoin cash include BTC (57%), USD (21%), tether (USDT 11%), the Korean won (4%), and the euro (2%).

Even though markets were down this past week, the bitcoin cash community got a bunch of infrastructure support and new applications. For instance, everyone in the BCH community is talking about a new app called Cointext which aims to create the ability to send bitcoin cash through text (SMS). According to the creators, all texts are on-chain transactions like the tipping platform Chaintip. However, with the platform being so new, some BCH supporters are skeptical of this project being secure when used via text messages.

Another interesting BCH feature announced this week came from the Localbitcoincash exchange which announced it had added skycoin and smartcash services to the platform. The implementation features no fees to these types of trades, explains the exchange developers. “No fee exchange is exactly what it is, it’s totally free, and you can keep exchanging the different cryptocurrencies supported by our platform, and there are no trading fees involved,” Localbitcoincash reveals on February 7.

It’s not immediately clear what’s behind today’s dramatic Bitcoin Cash price rally. Decentralized marketplace OpenBazaar recently added support for BCH, but this was not a surprise and should not have had such a great impact on the coin’s price.

That said, Bitcoin Cash did post the worst performance among top-10 cryptocurrencies on Wednesday, making it plausible that the coin is just now catching the recovery’s tailwinds.

Fifth-ranked Cardano, meanwhile, sunk back in the red with a three percent decrease to $0.36. EOS performed slightly better but still declined by two percent.

Litecoin endured a three percent pullback that forced its price back below $150, while NEO declined by two percent to $114.

Stellar and NEM rounded out the top 10 with declines of four percent and two percent, respectively, bringing the two tokens to present values of $0.36 and $0.57.

Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $8,468, currently – down 0.48 percent from the previous day’s high of $8,509.11. That said, on Coinbase’s GDAX exchange, BTC is trading well above the 200-day moving average of $8,020. Further, the cryptocurrency breached the key trendline resistance earlier today, and could soon witness a sustained move above the previous day’s high of $8,650 (as per CoinMarketCap).

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