Blockchain Conference Kyiv 003 – May 20th 2016


Civilization does its steps within the intellectual breakthroughs, determined by the most significant technologies. We live in the era of the third industrial revolution, which began in the second half of the XX century with the creation of digital processors and the subsequent evolution of information and communication systems. Each of us is an eyewitness to the arrival of a new era – the fourth industrial revolution, which implies the convergence of technologies and the blurring of distinctions between physical, digital and biological systems.

At different times, the factors hindering progress, were the resource, economic and political constraints.

Distributed ledger – technology, comparable in importance with computers and the Internet has the potential to solve many of the financial and technological challenges and to mitigate the impact of most of the negative socio-economic factors.

Supporting the global trend of development of services that use the concept of Distributed ledger, and fixing of Ukraine title Blockchain pioneer for the implementation into the sphere of the state management, we are pleased to invite you to Blockchain Conference Kyiv – an event that gathers managers and developers, investors and economists, politicians and public figures in a circle.

Do not miss Blockchain day in Kiev. Hear first-hand stories of people who are creating the future. Feel inspired by the talks, panels and demonstrations, meet with participants and speakers.


Date: May 20, 2016.

Venue: Kiyv, Verkhniy Val, 10.

Organizer: Anton Kobrynets, Gesellberg.

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