Wednesday , 21 February 2018

Breadwallet becomes Bread

Breadwallet just announced they changed their name to Bread. Their new look will be more aesthetically pleasing. Not only will it appeal to users, it will also streamline many new features. However, some of the features are still in the works. The Android version is also in development.

The first new feature is the wallet’s user interface. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it also streamlines its ease of use. Now users can navigate the interface in a more logical and satisfying way. It is also more intuitive and simpler to grasp, especially for people new to bitcoin.

They also provided a feature that allows users to view their bitcoins in bits rather than just full bitcoins and dollars. Their website elaborated:

“Our more advanced users will be happy to learn that we have added the ability to display your bitcoin balance both in bits as well as full bitcoins, and network transaction fees can now be modified to be either fast or cheap, depending on your needs.”

Finally, they added a feature where users can save a memo with every transaction. This allows users to notate specific information when they receive or send bitcoin. The Bread press release states these memos are not saved on the blockchain, but can still be recovered with Bread if the user restores their wallet.

Bread upholds privacy and security

Bread implemented all of these features with privacy and security in mind, while maintaining a pleasing user experience. Eventually, they will add more implementations and features, including multi-asset functionality. Their press release commented on their features and where to get their wallet:

“If you are an existing Bread user, we hope you’ll love the new design and features we have prepared for you. And if you have not yet used Bread, we are excited to have you try the Bread experience by visiting or searching for Bread in the Apple App Store. We know you’ll like what you see.”

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