Teleport will repeat the success of colleagues from Moscow and Singapore

World economic trends are increasingly leading developing companies to the idea of ​​crowdfinding and, as a consequence, to platforms for ICO. The recent successful example impresses with its scale: on August 29, during the sale of tokens, the Russian start-up of KICKICO collected less than 24 hours in the amount of $ 19 million. Of the 815 million tokens generated by the start-up, 15 million went to preICO and secured the project to collect the amount needed to launch the project, Despite the fact that KICKICO did not establish the necessary minimum threshold.

Another news about the successful ICO campaign came from Asia: the Singapore-based scalable database provider Bluzelle also said that during the ICO, he managed to raise $ 1.5 million. The high reliability of projects that appeal to the ICO is increasing the level of investor confidence by allowing them invest their funds in a larger amount and receive in return reliable guarantees from the founders of various projects.

Based on the impressive experience of the capital and foreign partners, the ICO was approached by a project from the geographical center of Russia with high potential-Teleport. The amount required to implement the large-scale project for the construction of the Silk Way of Communications, which will provide users from Europe to China with unlimited Internet, the founders decided to attract 21 million tokens on the Waves block-platform. Anyone can become an investor of the project, having acquired the desired number of “coins” for the BTC and ETH clicht currencies or the EUR and USD denominations.

At the moment, the fundraising campaign is at the preICO stage – and experienced investors know that this is the stage at which it is possible to make investments on special terms: get bonuses or additional charges. In just the first days, preICO Teleport attracted over 11 thousand investment funds, which means that the next two months have all chances to become successful for the founders of the project.



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